Dermoestetica-Bali is a pretty small institute which is specialized in anticellulite, anti-wrinkles, skin-tightening and body modelling.

We are specialists using the last techniques which are adopted in America from south to north, by the most demanding women who are brazilians, argentinians and californians for the treatment (definitive removing) of any cellulite (without surgery nor injection), skin-tightening of body and face-wrinkles, body modelling by waves (example: to lift up buttocks and make them round and firm) and the treatment of red stretch marks (there is no treatment for the white ones at this day).

Stlll in touch with the best schools, we update our knowledges and treatment at the rythm of evolutions in Buenos Aires, a landmark in æstetic as Rio de Janeiro, and we adopt the same policy of moderate fees to offer the look they wish to women.

And, our "best of the best" is the back aches treatment by ultrasound, eventually by vibromassager plus manual massage. All the experimented osteopaths, chiropractors have abandoned spinal manipulations, surveys have demonstrated their harmfulness, and have bought an ultrasound, which is a mechanical powerful anti-inflammatory.

Our trainee was using it daily since 1982...

Tarif: 200,000 IDR / 30mn and 350,000 IDR / 1h.

All our treatments are painless, safe, effective and done with the best apparels from Argentina, from the best inventor-maker of America, a remarkable company born in 1963 with an exceptional reputation.

NEW: in our institute, you can also receive the best massage by an excellent masseuse who was trained by Shari (Beauty & Health in Bali Advertiser) then by Lionel, a french masseur-physiotherapist since 1982. They say that she is the best masseuse they know in Bali. She was gifted, then she learnt techniques from them. Receiving her massage in a pretty, soundproof, and comfortable cabin, is a must, moments out of time.

Fee: 1h15 / 180,000 IDR

  • Anticellulite (definitive) treatment was 650,000IDR per session. Is now 350,000IDR
  • Face lifting (lasts 8 months) was 700,000 IDR per session. Is now 400,000 IDR
  • Body skin-tightening (lasts 8 months) was 1,1 juta per hour. Is now 700,000 IDR
  • Body modelling was 400,000 IDR per session. Is now 200,000 IDR to 300,000 IDR

These fees are 6 to 8 times cheaper than in Europe in average.

Jalan Yudistira (Seminyak)
Bali - Indonesia

Phone: 081 353 380 058 (english-french) 085 737 227 923 (bahasa indonesia)
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are also in Facebook: dermoestetica-bali and dermoestetica bali